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From The Source: Designed In Brooklyn, Made Sustainably In Indonesia

Shop Home and Kids From the Source Sustainable Furnishing

From the moment we walked into a store called From the Source, we knew it would become part of our to go list for sustainable furnishing!

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“Designed Responsibly in Brooklyn, Made Sustainably in Indonesia.”

When our Founder, Fê Paronetto, had just moved to NYC and was in the craziness of furnishing her new home, she stumbled upon this store! It was love at first sight, lol.

The store was founded by the so called serial entrepreneur, Robert Fireman (1936 – 2015), in the 1980’s.

Bob fell in love with the beautiful handcrafted work done by the people in Indonesia. Immediately, he felt an urge to engage with their community.

As a result, they carry everything from bar & counter stools, benches, dining chairs, to tables, desks, nightstands, bookcases, dressers, beds, accessories and a huge list of other items!

His team explains:

“Bob fell in love with not only the people, but the beautiful and unique hardwoods of Indonesia.

His ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and hardworking personality led to his largest and most recent passion of what is known today as ‘From The Source’.

Today, From the Source employs approximately 80 individuals in the Central Java. We provide job training, medical care, meals, and other benefits to ensure their welfare and the well-being of their families.”

And yet, their Mission to creating a more sustainable environment:

“Our mission is to bring our customers closer to the environment through uniquely designed furniture that open your space to the world.

The journey begins at the source of our raw materials where we exchange ideas with local communities. We incorporate craft techniques into production methods.

Working together, we find responsible ways to provide high-quality furnishings to the US market.”

Fantastic, right?

So, go explore the store and let us know what you thought about it!

Hours: Please see their website for hours regarding their locations.

Chelsea Showroom – 132 West 18th Street
Hudson Yards Showroom – 551 West 28th Street

Photo Credits: Courtesy of From the Source
*Last Update on March/2020.*

BDDW: Unique Handmade Furniture By Tyler Hays

Shop Home and Kids BDDW Furniture Several Lamps

Furnishing a new home, or renovating your current place can be a lot of work. Lets try to make it fun by visiting amazing stores like BDDW selling unique, handmade furniture by Tyler Hays.

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As we mentioned in a previous post, decorating your new home, or changing your current place can take time and money. We always recommend do it it slowly and give it time, regardless of your anxiety to finish it.

The process can actually be quite fun if you don’t see it as a burden or a chore. Decorating is one thing, but purchasing furniture can be even trickier and more exhausting.

Plus, we have to agree that there is nothing that bursts more our bubble than going to someone’s house and seeing that exact item you have, in their living room. So “personality-less” and you immediately want to purchase something else to replace it! At least, we do!

So, if you’re the type that enjoys unique items and want to detach and withdraw from the rest of the crowd that purchase in bigger, well-known stores, BDDW is the perfect place for you.

Offering a wide range of well crafted timeless designs, BDDW is known for their heirloom quality solid wood furniture, traditionally joined, in select domestic hardwoods.

All items and idealized and designed by the Founder, Tyler Hays, at his Philadelphia Studio. Tyler expertise are various, from painter and sculpture, to engineer and a pretty talented builder.

Every handmade furniture is carefully crafted and finishes are cared with natural oils and lacquers.

Furthermore, besides some of his classic pieces and best sellers, Tyler is constantly launching new creations. On our end, we love them all, and we’re always excited to know what’s coming next!

BDDW has everything from dining table, storages, desks, seatings, to upholstery, lighting mirror and clocks. In addition, they also craft gorgeous beds, rugs and exclusive fabrics.

There also sell a couple of other products curated from a few other renowned designers. These are products totally right up our alley: one of a kind, different and many time, even uncommon! We love it all!

For their complete line of products, you can go online to calmly browse them all.

You surely you won’t get tired of it!

As we mentioned, if you are the type that like one-of-a-kind décor items, you might want to check Other Criteria – a story by the one and only genius, Damien Hirst.

Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 12pm – 6pm

Location: 5 Crosby Street

Photo Credit: Courtesy of BBDW
*Last Update on March/2020.*

The Boerum: A Temporary Retail Concept in Boerum Hill

Shop Home and Kids Boerum House Decor

The Boerum House & Home is a new store for house and home. Hosted inside a luxury residential building, this is a temporary retail concept that you might want to check out!

Shop Home and Kids Boerum House Decor


To start, Boerum House & Home is a great place to buy amazingly beautiful and unique things for your home. The project is located in the heart of Boerum Hill, in Brooklyn.

They offer amazing curated collections of meticulously crafted objects from over 130 celebrated Brooklyn designers, makers, and artists. We find this fantastic and we love exploring Brooklyn-based arts and crafts.

Flank, a leading New York City architecture and development company, operates the store. They designed the store similar to a fully furnished apartment. Plus, the project is curated by Partners & Spade – an award-winning creative agency and design studio founded by Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti.

It’s definitely a place to go and surely you’ll have a tough time figuring out what you should buy first.

Note: This is actually a luxury residential building, where they added this retail concept to enrich the experience. It lasted only a few months.

The history of Boerum Hill:

“A local newspaper urged that Brooklyn “must necessarily become a favorite residence for gentlemen of taste and fortune. For merchants and shopkeepers of every description, for artists, artisans, mechanics, laborers and persons of every trade in society.”

Boerum was named by a family of early Dutch settlers who developed and defended the area during the American Revolution. So, it became home to the many commuting ironworkers who built the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as many of New York’s landmark skyscrapers.

As a satellite community to the city across the river, it has always benefited from five-star influences and tastes.”

More about Flank:

“Founded in 2002, Flank was formed as a design and development firm. They commit to making meaningful contributions to the built environment.

Partners Jon Kully and Mick Walsdorf envisioned a vertically integrated practice that controlled the total real estate process—from concept to programming, architecture, development, marketing, and sales.

Completed work reflects the firm’s commitment to design, livability, and architectural achievement.

Moreover, Flank’s primary focus is on residential and mixed-use condominium buildings in Manhattan and Brooklyn.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Boerum
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Whisk NYC: Trendy Kitchen Supply Store For Your Home

Shop Home and Kids Whisk Kitchen Supply by Zoe Gourmet

While roaming around Williamsburg a long time ago, searching for new cool stuff, we bumped once again into the charming wooden door of Whisk NYC. Inside, a trendy kitchen supply store we love!

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One of the most addictive types of shopping experiences in New York City, in our opinion, is kitchen and tableware. There is an infinity of the most amazing items. Plus, you will find specific products that are used for very specific purposes. The problem is, you will want them all!

While doing our custom research walks through Williamsburg the other day, we bumped, once again into a store we love! We’ve been there countless times, and now, we decided to write about it!

Whisk NYC is a kitchen and tableware store. It launched in November of 2008, by Brooklyn locals that wanted to share their love for cooking.

They’ve got it all and it’s definitely tough to leave the store empty handed.

We can’t remember once where just “walked away” with purchasing even the smallest thing! Ha!

If you are an aspiring chef or a professional one, they’ve got everything you need. From cookware, canning, cooking and baking tools, prepware and accessories to cookbooks, kitchen knives, tabletops, linens, coffee & tea items, kitchen electrics and more!

In addition, the brands they work with are amazing too. They have products by Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Le Creuset, Kyrocera, Victorinox, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Epicurean, etc.

Then, in the year of 2012, they opened their second Kitchen supply store in the Flatiron District for those that live in restless our Manhattan! Plus, of course, online! So, there are countless way to purchase their incredible selection of products.

If you also enjoy exploring Brooklyn, you might want to walk just few blocks North from Whisk. After crossing McCarren Park, you’ll enter the neighborhood of Greenpoint. Take a look at our Self-Guided Tour of Greenpoint and see all it’s hidden gems!

You’ll find unique restaurants like Milk & Roses and other super cool stores, coffee shops, art galleries and more!

Hours: See online for different store hours at each location.

231 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg
933 Broadway, Flatiron District

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Whisk NYC and Zoe Gourmet (Featured image)
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Lion Brand Yarn Studio: Another Sort Of Meditation In New York

Shop Specialties Lion Brand Yarn Studio Handmade Gloves

You are probably thinking that we’re going to talk about another variation of Yoga or Meditation in New York City, adding to the millions others out there, right? Wrong! The post today is about Lion Brand Yarn Studio.

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We are not here today total about a new meditation technique, nor a new Yoga practice we recently discovered in New York. Today, we are writing about a place we always pass by in Manhattan, but took us a while to walk in. So, one day we got pretty curious and opened our hearts to a new discovery.

The place is called Lion Brand Yarn Studio and for our amazement, we loved everything there!

Yup, that’s right! This yarn studio is located in the heart of Manhattan and is a perfect place to learn the art of knitting!

This practice is definitely NOT considered anymore one only the cute “grandmas” – that  we personally adore – but for everyone interested in expressing themselves artistically. On the other hand, many people that knit consider it one of the best types of meditation practices today.

The art of knitting is taught today for people of all ages, genders, styled, but with this common interest.

They offer some pretty amazing classes and workshops. Moreover, they also offer some very interesting free events, and even private lesson appointments.

You can also see online their schedule for the free special event night, where they feature a guest speaker, fashion show, or other cool happenings. It is always pretty fun with a curious and engaging crowd!

In addition, once a month they have a “Men’s Night”. So this is for the guys out there – this is not something only for women any more!

Have fun knitting and being creative! Besides, it’s quite relaxing!

New York City also has come other very interest classes and workshops. You might want to explore a few others, like the Flower School NY and even a Korean Cooking Class at an amazing industrial kitchen in Manhattan.

Monday – Wednesday: 11:30am – 7pm
Thursday: 11:30am – 8pm
Friday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: 11:30am – 5pm

Location: 34 West 15th Street

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn Studio
*Last Update on March/2020.*

John Derian Company Offers Vintage And Handmade Pieces

Shop Home and Kids John Derian Company

If you’re a decor-a-holic and just love getting lost in these amazing stores with vintage and handmade pieces, you’ll love John Derian Company, in the East Village.

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We love these small, local businesses off the beaten track. On the other hand, there is another entire list of more well-known brands that are still important to talk about. They are a more well know, but nonetheless, offer a fantastic array of products.

Furthermore, the city if overflowing with talented artists and creative and we do believe that the more of them, the merrier.

John Derian Company was founded in the year of 1989 in New York City.

“John’s decoupage plates, platters, paperweights, coasters and bowls are handmade in his studio in New York City. In addition, he’s employs a small staff of artisans to assist with production.”

So, in no time, the most renowned home and fashion publications featured in some his vintage and handmade pieces. It attracted a lot of attention – not only in the US.

“The full range of John Derian pieces, including his ephemera and furniture line, is available at his own retail shops in the East Village.There, it also carries vintage and antique imports, bed and table linens, stationery, plate-ware, vintage and new lighting. Plus, you can find an ever-changing assortment of one-of-a-kind curios.”

As a result, after a lot of hard work and dedication, his work spread all around! Some of the best retailers and home stores across the globe, sells his creations!

Hence, the never ending list of local and international retailers that carry his pieces is amazing.

It’s literally amazing.

After an exhausting day, be sure to have you night plans. How about exploring 3 secret Japanese restaurant with your friends and loved ones.

As a final point, ask our experts for help, in case you are redecorating you home, or if you’re new to New York City and is still settling in! Our Concierge Services will make you life easier. Plus, for Corporate Requests, see how we can assist you and your team.

Hours: Check the website to see the different store hours for each location.

Decoupage & Imported Goods: 6 East Second Street
Textiles, Furniture, Rugs and Art (the shop next door): 10 East Second Street
John Derian Furniture Collection by Cisco Brothers: 8 East Second Street

Photo Credit: Courtesy of John Derian Company
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Other Criteria: A love affair with Damien Hirst in SoHo

Shop Home and Kids Other Criteria Damien Hirst Inside Store

We adore the artist, Damien Hirst, and the entire realm of his disruptive work! Other Criteria is a store that will definitely enlighten you and take you through a journey into his parallel universe! So, enjoy!

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Other Criteria, co-founded by Damien Hirst, opened its doors in SoHo on May 6th, 2014.

‘What we set out to do was to make modern art approachable and attractive. Other Criteria is all about working with artists to make things that they want to create and other people want to buy.

It’s as simple as walking into one of the shops or clicking through the website, and buying something there and then. It shouldn’t intimidate anyone.’ ~ Damien Hirst

To begin with, you’ll run into the most amusing and sometimes even challenging and disruptive art pieces. The store is full of color, styles and life!

So, you can expect to find snake sculptures and toilet paper with prints or hand signatures. Throughout the walls, you’ll see countless frames with Hirst’s exclusive prints. That is to say, we personally love the polka-dots series and the uplifting sequence of butterflies, many times placed in a mandala shape.

Plus, the mix set of coffee cups, wall clocks, colorful chairs and even a small version of the sculpture “Anatomy of an Angel”. So, it’s hard to pick only one!

But wait! We can’t forget to mention the various prints, sculptures and other objects with his notorious Skulls!

We actually love them all! In addition, q few of the most coveted ones are the: Magnificent Head Glorious Gold and the Transcendent Head.

In fact, he created a version, covered completely in diamonds! It is dated back to 2007 and was called For the Love of God. The price? Too high to even understand or imagine! Thus, as stated on Wikipedia:

“Costing £14 million to produce, the work was placed on its inaugural display at the White Cube gallery in London in an exhibition Beyond belief with an asking price of £50 million. This would have been the highest price ever paid for a single work by a living artist.”

Surreal, right? We have a picture of it on our image gallery above!

To conclude, be sure to go into the store with time. It will be an amazing adventure into Damien Hirst’s mind and universe! For this reason, take time to explore, and we are sure that you’ll leave with multiple, amusing purchases!

Hard not to…

After exploring the store, you can grab a bite or a cocktail at Café Select, Miss Lily’s or at a secret basement restaurant called The Ship!

Location: 458 Broome Street

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Damien Hirst
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Flora Brook: NYC Florist Custom Designs For A Botanical Experience

Shop Home And Kids Flora Brook NYC Shoes

There is nothing better than decorating your home with gorgeous, colorful flowers. If you’re throwing an event, flowers do also matter! Flora Brook is the NYC florist that will fulfill all your needs!

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Have you heard about Flora Brook? Well, if not, let us tell you a bit more!

To start, the founder, Caroline Lahti told us recently:

“I’d say the most unique aspect of our company is how much we focus on customization. We deal very closely with each client and get to know them personally to really grasp their style along with suiting the space they’re trying to fill perfectly.”

Caroline’s love for flowers date back to her teenage life. It extended to her college years, where she always ended up working at with florists. Furthermore, this work actually united 3 things she loves the most – people, design, and nature. But, it does reflect her early years living upstate New York, in the woods!

As time went by, her entrepreneur spirit grew bigger and she decided to open her own New York based flower company!

Voilá! Flora Brooklyn was created!

Their philosophy is:

“To integrate elements of the natural world into the hectic day-to-day of modern life.”

In addition, one of Caroline’s passions, within this work, is the possibility of experiencing the different seasons. Each, bring it’s own unique element and characteristics, making it all very exciting.

So, when making one of a king arrangements for a client’s home, giving it life and care; or prepping for an event where guests will be mesmerized with the flower selection, Flora Brook is on the top of our list! As we said, she’s an amazing NYC florist.

Her creations are beautifully done and will definitely bring life into your home!

If you need assistance and an additional pair of hands to organize an upcoming private celebration or a corporate event, let it all to our experts. Granted that we do have the best suppliers that will cater to all your needs, making it all memorable!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Flora Brooklyn and Unexpected Photography (Featured image)
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Home Nature: Treating The Earth With Love And Care

Shop Home and Kids Home Nature Window

Home Nature works with treating the Earth with love and care! If you’re furnishing your new home, or is in the process of remodeling your current place, check out their eco-friendly décor!

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MoveMent APP: Apartment Hunting In New York City

Shop Home and Kids MoveMent APP Manhattan Skyline Hudson River

Apartment hunting in New York City can be draining and overwhelming, but Movement APP will make the entire process seamless.

Shop Home and Kids MoveMent APP Manhattan Skyline Hudson River


There is nothing more tiring than apartment hunting in New York City. Options are endless, amenities vary immensely and neighborhoods can be confusing. Plus, commuting is always an issue, prices can vary a lot within just a few streets and it seams like an endless process.

We feel exhausted just by writing about it! In this new technological world, it was about time that someone launched a good app to fulfill all these issues!

Movement APP was introduced to the market on May of 2014. It’s a great platform for apartment hunting through a mobile device.

Something that might eventually help to curb the misery of the apartment search experience.

Shop Home and Kids MoveMent APP Technology Screens

When it launched, it listed just under 2,000 apartments in the city. But, there is definitely room to grow. The New York’s 5 boroughs are overflowing with options.

So, after you log into the app, you immediately see a wide range of available apartments.

You’ll be able to see the address, price and bedroom/bathroom count for each to start your research!

Movement is on the right track to becoming the premier search engine for apartment hunting in New York City.

And, we do hope they follow on strong!

Read a little more about them:

“Known as the app to finally put landlords, brokers and the public on equal ground. Explore (public) and post (brokers & landlords) live geotagged videos/photos of apartments for rent.

  • Browse quality listings on a beautiful, smart & simple feed;
  • The only Real Estate portal that gives you access to view real time videos;
  • Our database is comprised of only quality listings that are verified by geotagging and captured in real time through our app;
  • Manage your listings: brokers and landlords can syndicate to Zillow & their Movement Listings from the app.

Text and Photo Credit: Courtesy of Movement APP
*Last Update on March/2020.*


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