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Lullanest Is Perfect For The Cool Hampton Babies

October 5, 2016 | BTSNYC
Shop Home and Kids Lullanest Baby Shopping Hamptons by Rach Parcell

This is for the cool Hampton babies! Lullanest sells some of the cutest, chic, safe and effective baby products, in the East Hampton.

Shop Home and Kids Lullanest Baby Shopping Hamptons by Rach Parcell
Shop Home and Kids Lullanest Baby Shopping Hamptons Façade
Shop Home and Kids Lullanest Baby Shopping Hamptons Inside Store
Shop Home and Kids Lullanest Baby Shopping Hamptons Beach Bag
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We all know that when a woman or a man become a parent, their focus shift immediately towards their new baby! Obviously, this couldn’t be different.

Baby shopping, specially for the first-time parents, can be a challenge and knowing which brand to trust can be hard at first.

When we travel, we like to know which brands we can eventually reach out to, in case we need. You might have forgotten to purchase something before leaving home, or you need something unexpected. And still, you might only want to shop a few new things for the little ones.

Regardless of what the reason is, we want to have brands we trust to rely on. Plus, no money is enough when we think of the littles ones, right?

Well, if you’re a cool parent that surely has a cool kid, then this store is for you!

Lullanest has the cutest and most amazing range of products for your beautiful baby.

It all started back when Katerina Williams had her baby, and saw that the Hamptons didn’t have a store she enjoyed and could trust, with chic, safe and effective baby products. The result? She decided to open her own store!

From the strollers, cribs and bouncers, to bathing products, trendy clothes, countless accessories and toys. They have a great product curation and taste!

And still, they carry some of the most amazing brands like Uppababy, Orbit Baby, Honest Company, Strokke and Maclaren, besides many others.

Their store is located in the East Hampton, but don’t worry, they also sell online.

It’s surely a great store for your little ones! So, relax and enjoy!

If you are coming to New York for Baby Shopping, and need help figuring out where to go, let our experts help you out. We have have our Personal Stylists helping you with your new baby bump outfits, and also help select the best stores to purchase everything you need for the little one that is on his/her way!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rach Parcell (Featured image) and Lullanest
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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