Some Of The Best Essential Oils In New York, At Enfleurage

November 23, 2016 | BTSNYC
Shop Specialties Enfleurage Essencial Oils in New York Collection

We love to practice our daily meditations and live a healthy NYC lifestyle! Hence, we are huge adepts of essential oils and fragrances! Enfleurage sells some of the best essential oils in New York City!

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Enfleurage is a tiny and very charming store, located in the Greenwich Village between 7th and 8th Avenues. They have some the best essential oils and supplies in the city!

You’ll find an infinite number of essential oils & absolutes, different blends, carrier oils, roll-ons, sprays, hydrofoils, diffusers, incenses and a couple of amazing books!

Plus, they still host amazing courses. If you’re interested in learning more like: Introduction to Aromatherapy, All Natural Skin Care, Natural Incense Burning, Aromatherapy for Health Series, and a few others.

The best part? All classes are free and there is no pre-registration for them.

We wanted to buy everything, but bought only got some to start off. We simply l-o-v-e-d the Coconut Oil, which is not greasy at all, and is amazing to hydrate the skin now in the winter time!

They surely have some of the best essential oils in New York City and we just love stopping by to see what’s new!

A bit more about the brand:

Enfleurage is New York’s first and only store specializing in essential oils and incense from all around the planet. We import directly from farms and stills, bringing in high quality, fresh and sparkling essential oils from 6 continents.

Nothing is added to our oils and hydrosols. No preservatives, no isolates, no “enhancers”, no alcohol. When you breathe in an Enfleurage essential oil, you are breathing in its soul. Purely.

In addition, if you enjoy this type os store, you might want to check out Cafe & Ginseng or even see what the powerful Twin Hearts Meditation is all about!

Lastly, is you just want to relax in a few of the best spas in New York, you might want to see more about Aire Ancient Baths and Body by Brooklyn.

Relax and have fun!

Monday – Saturday: 12pm – 8pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

Location: 237 West 13 Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Enfleurage
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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