Natural Gourmet Institute: NYC Cooking Classes And Friday Night Dinners

November 30, 2015 | BTSNYC
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If you are a mess in the kitchen, like us, but would love to learn your way around cooking, the Natural Gourmet Institute offers quite a few interesting NYC cooking classes and experiences.

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The Natural Gourmet Institute was founded on the principle that what we eat significantly affects our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Of course, we couldn’t agree more with this statement, since we are huge believers of “we are what we eat”.

They’ve created a framework for healthy food selection. It’s based on high quality ingredients, concepts of Eastern & Western nutrition and a variety of dietary paradigms.

They offer different types of courses, like the ones below:

  • Summer Immersions: A summer course where you learn not only the theory, but also have hands-on classes;
  • Certificate Programs: Students work and meet accomplished chefs, industry experts and partners;
  • Classes: Some last 5+ days, other 3 days, others only a couple of hours. Student go home ready to experiment in their own kitchen;
  • Professional Training: You’ll master the art of healthy cooking through 600 hours of rigorous, life-changing culinary education.

Furthermore, most of the products used are organic, which we particularly enjoy, since we only shop organic.

Plus, they offer a super unique Friday Night Dinner. This three-course vegetarian dinner is both innovative and beautifully presented. Something New Yorkers love! They charge $45/person, which is a super reasonable price for a NY dinner. And last, it’s a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle), so feel free to bring in which ever drink makes you smile!

And don’t forget to check out their book store. You’ll find amazing books that are actually pretty hard to find out there.

Alternatively, to organize an experience with friends with true NYC cooking classes or to put together a corporate activity for your clients or team, contact our experts to learn more. It will be an amusing activity for everyone!

Location: 48 West 21st Street, 2nd floor


Photo Credit: Courtesy of National Gourmet Institute
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