Hey, Steve! I want some handcrafted ice cream, please!

December 19, 2015 | BTSNYC
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Cookies'n'Cream

Steve’s Ice Cream started back in the early 1970’s as a small handcrafted ice cream shop with only the will of offering the most innovative “mix-ins” around.

Dining Steve's Ice Cream Cookies'n'Cream
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Pretzels
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Taco Style
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Triple
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Bowls on Counter
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Black Berry Crumble
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Several Flavors
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Product Mix
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Honey
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I mean, who in the world doesn’t enjoy handcrafted ice cream? If this person exists, be careful with them! Ha! Just joking… But, we do know that New Yorkers are pretty fond of ice creams, since the ice cream shops are always overflowing with people, even in the winter.

In the beginning, they had a hunch that people out there would line up in huge lines to get a taste of their artisanal ice creams. They started out as a small little brand wanting to show the world their expertise. And, grew to become a brand that people not only lined up for their ice cream, but outbraved themselves in the middle of snow storms to guarantee their scoop!

Besides the traditional flavors, they also offer amazing non-dairy ice creams and sorbets.

With the years, and the renowned name they’ve got today, they explained that a few (not many), things changed.

“We still use “mix-ins” but now they’re a little more grown-up, with fresh, natural ingredients, and to create our signature flavors, we work directly with some of the most innovative and inspired artisans around. It took a while, but small-batch has finally gone big time. And that’s pretty sweet.”

They have some pretty interesting flavors like Pretzels, Honey Pistachio, Pies & Sweet Cream, Mexican Chili Chocolate, Southern Banana Pudding, Speculoos Cookie Butter and so many others!

Today, they are literally spread throughout the US. In NY, you can find them in several different markets in all the Boroughs – except Staten Island.

So, it shouldn’t be hard try some! I want some handcrafted ice cream!

Hours: Hours vary! Check Steve’s Ice Cream website.

Location: Multiple around town! Check Steve’s Ice Cream website


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Steve’s Ice Cream
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

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