I really can't put into words the breathtaking experience that Komeeda NYC hosted with Chef Shuchi! Thank you for this amazing Indian inspired dinner and do keep us posted on the following dinner. Guys, to receive more information of these privileged events, sign up online at www.komeeda.com...and get ready to feast!


A quote I think every New Yorker uses at least once a week.

Not because we like to complain (only sometimes), but because life in New York tents to take a toll on the mind and the body. Which is why it's kind of key to escape, especially on the weekends. So, where do you go?

Well, preferably a remote island off the coast of wherever, but us, working guys and gals, need something quicker...


Our friends at Bond Street launched an amazing online magazine and series events named "For New York". It features 60+ notable New Yorkers that share their "behind the scenes" spots in NY and explain their view on whey they believe it's so important to support small businesses! Stay tuned, since by the end of summer, they'll have over 100 interviews!


Our Founder recently interviewed Juliette Hermant, founder of Maison Bergone - an antique, decor and design service shop in Narrowsburg, NY.

Juliette is a painter, photographer and interior designer that moved in the US from Paris in 2007. Not fulfilled with the City, she moved to Narrowsburg and acquire a beautiful brick 1920's industrial building. Take a look at her great tips for an unforgettable weekend! 


Hey Guys! After receiving numerous requests for customized BTSNYC Guides, here it is! 

If you will visit NYC and would like to request a customized City Guide, please contact us so we can figure out the best tips for you and your friends/family!

E-mail us at: contact@behindthescenesnyc.com


From simple services like car rentals and car transfers, to customized travel management, private event organization, personal styling and shopping, beauty styling and shopping, art tours, photographer requests and even real estate consultation for apartment purchases or short/long term rentals...we offer it all!

Need something additional, let us know!

E-mail us at: contact@behindthescenesnyc.com


"Strengthening the local community, thinking disruptively, exploring the best of NY far from the touristy scene!"

Behind the Scenes NYC (BTSNYC) is a collection of tips about New York, far away from the touristy places. After all, the best part of a trip is "UnCovering" the cool, hype spots that only locals know about!

The posts are about the best spots selected by New Yorkers with tips about Gastronomy, Hotels, Culture (Art, Exhibitions), Nightlife (Bars, Clubs, Shows, Private Events), Fashion, Health & Beauty, Innovation & Technology, Trends and secrets of New York for those who are visiting or that live in town!

Photo Credit: Allied Works Architecture

Photo Credit: Allied Works Architecture


Not much to explain about Shopping, right?

Well, the city is one of the planet's shopping capitals! You can and will find anything and everything you can imagine….and note!…when we say shopping, it is definitely not limited to Fashion, nor limited to ultra high expenditures... It's surely a heavenly kingdom for those eager to shop, shop, shop!

We also offer numerous Offline Services to make your experience as memorable as possible!

Photo Credit: Menglin Huang

Photo Credit: Menglin Huang


Photography! City Secrets! Day Trips! Weekend getaways! Curiosities! Nostalgic Moments! Hidden Spots! Tips for the Cool Kids! Touristy One-Time-Must-See places ! Cool Services!

….plus our "NYC Hush Hush Tips" where we invite renowned people from all over the World to give their NY Secret tips!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ludlow Hotel

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ludlow Hotel


New York City has numerous Hotels (expensive ones, but also the right one for your pocket) and other interesting short term rental options. The State of New York has plenty of fascinating places to visit over long weekends, or even for short day trips.

Plus, NYC is a vivacious and dynamic city that you can actually enjoy the culinary scene with food from any place you can imagine in the World! The food in the State of New York is also delicious with farm to table, organic cuisines!

You'll surely never get bored with what New York has to offer!


The Art scene in NY is simply breathtaking! The city offers (daily) an amazing variety of Art works, Installations, Galleries, Shows, Music, Ballet & Dance, countless Museums, etc! Many of them are Free events spread around town...you just have to stay tuned to see what's up next! 

The Business Scene? Well, New York City is one of the most important business capitals in the world, where the most important events, such as seminars, fairs, conferences take place…in every Market and Industry! 

The Nightlife is restless and definitely amusing for the night owls that enjoy a prime party scene, or more underground spots! There are always new places to go and have fun, so you'll definitely be wearing your party shoes...

For those who are more into Fitness & Health, it's not a problem! So are we! New York has countless places to train and sweat it off, eat healthy and experience the benefits of a balanced lifestyle - from new Vegan spots, to hype fitness centers and great beauty products to buy!

Photo Credit: @thenoelife

Photo Credit: @thenoelife