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Hustle & Deal Flow Magazine Interviews Our Founder

December 12, 2016 | BTSNYC
About BTSNYC What The Press Says Hustle and Deal Flow Magazine Fernanda Paronetto

Hustle & Deal Flow Magazine published an awesome interview with our Founder, Fê Paronetto. It not only talks about her journey to New York, but also goes deep into her professional and personal life.

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Hustle and Deal Flow Magazine Fernanda ParonettoAbout BTSNYC What The Press Says Hustle and Deal Flow Magazine Fernanda Paronetto

Our Founder, Fernanda Paronetto, was featured on Hustle & Deal Flow™ Magazine.  H&DF is an online publication that features the stories and journeys of talented entrepreneurs, people, creatives and inspiring/rising growth brands that are disrupt the status quo within their industry.

In short, pretty much anyone who truly demonstrates “The Hustle”.

Fê talks about how she started Behind the Scenes NYC before moving to NY. How she left a great job, a long term relationship and a very comfortable life, plus friends & family, in search of more. SO much more!

In addition, she talks about her family, her years at Vogue Magazine and other companies she’s work for. Plus, what New York means to her.

Now, how she’s changing and disrupting the status quo of New York’s tourism!

Come #UnCover New York through her eyes!

Below is an excerpt that will intrigue you to read more:

Words of Wisdom: Resilience. I guess this is number 1. You will gets lots of no’s, but it’ll just make you rethink things around. Why the person gave you a negative response – learn from it! What and why is it not appealing to them, as it is to me? If I was seeing this for the first time, would I be in ‘awe’? – Create questions to yourself base on their big fat ‘no’.”

The media industry can be a tough business. Especially online.

It’s often characterized by critics with harsh reviews, “top 10” lists with the newest accolades, oligarchs of traffic and often a shortness of substance and depth.

Much like the reasons we at HDFMagazine (along with PRSUIT) set down a course to change the entire approach to online media publications by bringing purpose driven content, so too did Fernanda Paronetto, founder & editor-in-chief of the inspiring Behind the Scenes NYC – a platform dedicated to disrupting the status quo to New York tourism.

As Fernanda puts it:

“I want to share the best of the off the beaten track places, brands and events in the state of NY. I wanted people to see NY like I see it and feel what I feel when I’m here!”

Her caveat is simple, there’s too much focus on negative reviews and criticism. Not to mention, the newest “it” spots on all the latest trending lists, that it begs the questions:

What about all the spots people don’t know about? And, what about all the unknown “stars” of their industry that are often overlooked or no longer being featured? What about the places that make up the cultural essence of New York in the first place?

“I want to write about the best hidden spots in the State of New York, far away from the crazy, touristy scene. I want to teach people that New York is definitely not synonymous to Manhattan, talk about UpState NY, engage with the local community and tell the story through the eyes of the owner.”

Pretty inspiring for a woman who started this mission nearly 5,000 miles away from NYC in her home country of Brazil.

Fernanda had such a passion for the city that never sleeps. She began to journal and visually express her experiences of New York by way of Instagram.

So much so, that even residents of New York contacted her to thank her for revealing parts unknown to them.

With an extreme vision in mind and an unwillingness to compromise her soul, Fernanda set out to bring her project into a full fledged thriving business in New York.

What’s more is the story behind the storyteller herself…

…to read it in full interview at Hustle & Deal Flow.

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