Amazing Grocery Stores With Korean Ingredients In Manhattan

September 27, 2016 | BTSNYC
Shop Specialties Korean Ingredients Chef Shin Kin Banchan Story

There are some amazing groceries stores that sell delicious Korean ingredients in Manhattan! If you’re an aspiring or professional chef, take a look!

Shop Specialties Korean Ingredients Chef Shin Kin Banchan Story
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Banchan Story

A while ago, we did an amazing cooking class with Chef Shin Kim, Founder of Banchan Story. It was a class on “Delectable Sea Vegetables”, and the result was an exquisite and savory feast!

We had the best time and the dishes were literally to die for! The entire experience enticed our 5 senses, making it surely memorable! We clearly loved it, right?

At the end of the class, she gave us a few very secret and valuable tips on where to buy the best Korean ingredients in Manhattan, so we’re sharing them exclusively with you!

But, we do recommend doing the courses with her first! The thing is, it’s quite hard to find the correct ingredients, but if you do find them, the question still remains: “And now?”.

Take a look below to see all the amazing groceries stores recommendations given by the super talented Chef Shin:

1) H Mart (Han Ah Reum) – 38th West 32nd Street
2) M2M – 55 3rd Avenue – at 11th Street
3) Sunrise Mart – 4 Stuyvesant Street – at 9th Street
4) Hong Kong Supermarket – 157 Hester Street – b/t Mott and Bowery

To talk to Chef Shin and ask more about her classes, you can contact her through: shin.kim@banchanstory.com. Plus, you can find her online at www.banchanstory.com.

But wait! Are you are already a chef and love exploring new cuisines?

You might want to check your Shin’s book called “Vegetarian Dishes from My Korean Home: Flavorful Korean Recipes in Simple Steps“. We’ve written a bit about her book when she launched it too.

If you want experiece a private class with her for you and your friends & family, let us know and we’ll organize it all for you. Contact our experts to know more about how we can make this seamless and very exciting!

This might be a super cool activity to organize for you and your team from work. It’s a great idea for a team building experience, right? So, for any Corporate requests, let us cater it for you too!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chef Shin
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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