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Flora Brook: NYC Florist Custom Designs For A Botanical Experience

January 4, 2016 | BTSNYC
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There is nothing better than decorating your home with gorgeous, colorful flowers. If you’re throwing an event, flowers do also matter! Flora Brook is the NYC florist that will fulfill all your needs!

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Have you heard about Flora Brook? Well, if not, let us tell you a bit more!

To start, the founder, Caroline Lahti told us recently:

“I’d say the most unique aspect of our company is how much we focus on customization. We deal very closely with each client and get to know them personally to really grasp their style along with suiting the space they’re trying to fill perfectly.”

Caroline’s love for flowers date back to her teenage life. It extended to her college years, where she always ended up working at with florists. Furthermore, this work actually united 3 things she loves the most – people, design, and nature. But, it does reflect her early years living upstate New York, in the woods!

As time went by, her entrepreneur spirit grew bigger and she decided to open her own New York based flower company!

Voilá! Flora Brooklyn was created!

Their philosophy is:

“To integrate elements of the natural world into the hectic day-to-day of modern life.”

In addition, one of Caroline’s passions, within this work, is the possibility of experiencing the different seasons. Each, bring it’s own unique element and characteristics, making it all very exciting.

So, when making one of a king arrangements for a client’s home, giving it life and care; or prepping for an event where guests will be mesmerized with the flower selection, Flora Brook is on the top of our list! As we said, she’s an amazing NYC florist.

Her creations are beautifully done and will definitely bring life into your home!

If you need assistance and an additional pair of hands to organize an upcoming private celebration or a corporate event, let it all to our experts. Granted that we do have the best suppliers that will cater to all your needs, making it all memorable!


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Flora Brooklyn and Unexpected Photography (Featured image)
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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