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What Brazilian Influencers Think About BTSNYC

September 23, 2016 | BTSNYC
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We love to share what Brazilian Influencers think about BTSNYC and have been sharing on their social medias since 2014. It’s always an honor to be featured on their pages!

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We’ve had quite a few Bloggers and Brazilian Influencers writing about us, and sharing their love for what we’ve been creating through Behind the Scenes NYC!

It all started back in 2014, when we were only a small Instagram account trying to spread the love for New York City!

The passion and love for New York City is spread through out the world, and Brazilians surely rank on the top of this list!

Our beautiful city is always listed in the “Top 3 Travel Destinations for Brazilians”.

That is to say, they love NY, and we definitely love them too! Their energy, their smiles, their never ending friendliness. Plus, we’re always happy to bump into them in the streets and around New York!

So, here are some of the big names that have shared their love:

  • Costanza Pascolato
  • Natalie Klein
  • Mica Rocha
  • Carol Celico
  • Adriana Bechara
  • Francesca Monfrinatti
  • Gabriela Pugliesi
  • Fabiana Justus
  • Ildi Silva
  • Mariah Rovery
  • Shantal Abreu
  • and other great businesses like: Vogue, Glamour Magazine, Zapalla, Santé Estilo, Zapala, nkStore, Just Real Moms, InstaBlond and many more!

Take a look in the gallery above to see what these Brazilian influencers have been saying about BTSNYC!

Furthermore, other International accounts have also written about us!

Plus, our Founder Fê Paronetto, has been featured in publications like The Huffington Post, Hustle & Deal Flow and PrSuit.

And still, we’ve interviewed a few of the renowned individuals, like Natalie Klein and Carol Celico. Take a look at their Insider Interviews and their favorite spots in New York City! From stores and boutiques, to restaurants and off the beaten track places. They tell us a bit about what they do when they come to New York City!

We hope you enjoyed, as much as us, seeing this great compilation of posts and breathtaking pictures of New York City!

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